Collecting Payment

A friend, Andrew, who runs a printing company, printing promotional flyers, calendars, album covers, posters and such, told me that he is getting very stressed out as the New Year rolls around. I thought that he would be pretty happy since he would have customers printing calendars to be given away to THEIR customers and staff.

Andrew said that it was the case in previous years but now that the economy is so weak, he is afraid to meet these customers again because it would mean having to print the calendars first and then chasing for payment. This has never happened before in previous years but sadly, there are still customers who have yet to pay for prints done in December 2008!

I totally understand Andrew’s predicament and sympathize with him since I know what a painful experience it could be chasing after payment. One has to be really thick skinned! But I also do not that this is not a problem that could not be solved because there are

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Collection Agencies which would willingly do such work and they do it in a professional manner and don’t charge a bomb for their services.

But then I think that first of all, Andrew should decide if he would like to risk these businesses since some customers may take offense!

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