PayPal SMS Security Key

PayPal UK has created yet another layer of security for PayPal users in the UK by giving them the option to double lock their PayPal account with the SMS security key. Users who would like to use this feature will have to register their mobile number with PayPal and get it activated.

Once done, each time the user would like to perform a transaction, there is a button on the page to request for a temporary 6-digit security code which will be sent to the registered mobile number as a text message. This is a free service unless your mobile service provider charges you for receiving text messages!

This is like the TAC we use for our internet banking and will be valid per log in session. It could be a tad inconvenient especially if you don’t have your mobile phone with you but if this gives you peace of mind, then why not? The best thing is that PayPal has made it very easy for users to activate, deactivate and reactivate the service anytime.

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