Planning A Family Vacation

My sister told me that it has been years since we have gone on a family vacation. It’s true but it’s quite a chore to get all of us together since we are living in different parts of the world. It’s ironic that when we have the time to travel, we don’t have the money. Now that we have the money for small luxuries like a vacation abroad, we could never seem to fit our schedule together!

My sister proposes that we should really make an effort to go on one of those

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All inclusive family vacations this Christmas holidays. I like her suggestion because an all inclusive vacation means that there’s nothing much to plan except to be there and have a good time. That would certainly save us a lot of time and hassle.

Since she brought this up, I am very excited about the impending trip where the family would be able to spend time together and bond. It really was a long time ago since our last family vacation!

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