Postal Strike Disrupts Online Trading

The postal strike in the United Kingdom has caused mail to be delayed. Buyers are worried that they have been had; sellers are worried that their reputation would be tarnished as the blame in late delivery of purchases is laid on them no thanks to the nature of feedback on eBay. Certainly, this strike doesn’t just affect sellers on eBay but all online sellers and merchants including large and reputable stores like Amazon.

I can truly understand the frustrations on both sides and know how notorious postal strikes are in the United Kingdom as postal employees seek better benefits and while packages that have yet to be sent out could be rerouted with a back up delivery plan, the problem lies in those mail that have been sent out but yet to be delivered.

I understand that some buyers have been waiting for a month for their packages to arrive. Really, one month is too long a wait especially when it’s just domestic delivery. I guess even the most patient buyers would be filing for a charge back but can they be blamed? Hopefully, they understand not to leave negative feedback to the sellers!

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3 thoughts on “Postal Strike Disrupts Online Trading

  1. Was it that bad? I ordered a product 3 weeks ago, the seller warned me that there might be delays due to the postal strike but 4 days later I found it in my mailbox.
    Certainly no negative feedback necessary there.
    Sellers should be proactive and warn all their customers that the package may be delayed, certainly if it’s sent out already.

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