Response From Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team [MyCERT]

In my previous blog post, I wrote about writing in to MyCERT upon advice from a friend when I wanted to report a couple of phishing emails to a local bank but could not find any quick link for me to do so from the website of the bank.

In all, I received three phishing attempts from “HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad” and “CIMB Bank Berhad”. It was quite obvious to me that these messages were not from the REAL banks even though I have accounts with both banks. I just don’t use this email address for official correspondence. Besides, I have never received any email from banks before except for newsletters.

MyCERT wrote back after three days with the following message:

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Thank you for reporting to us on the matter. We had already taken action to notify and advice the respective party accordingly.

Doesn’t seem like much but t least I know that I have done my part. Hopefully, there would not be anyone gullible enough to have responded to the phishing emails!

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One thought on “Response From Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team [MyCERT]

  1. hi , im chandru a/l Muthusamy which went to tesco mutiara damansara blue cube counter and book a package of blackberry strom. i paid my deposit by credit card. the name guy of there is zaidy, told me i got blacklist in maxis and need to settle and i say i got no blacklist bcs i alredy check, than he ask for black and white from maxis. i got for him. he sayed in 2/3 days i will get the feedback but after 3 weeks also i never get any feedback so i call him and cancel the transaction bcs unnecessary delay on it. Already 2 months but i still never get my deposit and any feedback from him. whenever i call he say wait i never get any answer from celcom. i want to know what is the progress and how u guys handaling customers. why to many problem in this case.

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