A String Of Chargebacks

A friend lamented that she is faced with a PayPal chargeback after another all because of the postal strike by the Royal Mail

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. Admittedly, it has been going on for far too long and it is disrupting sales of honest online traders and giving them a bad reputation.

My friend sells in the United Kingdom and has been using the Royal Mail all these while. It worries her that while she is able to prove that she has already sent out her packages, she is unable to prove that they have been delivered, if they have. With this postal strike, in all probability, many of these packages are still stuck in post offices around the United Kingdom.

If this goes on, my friend will need anti wrinkle treatments. With her items already shipped and payment refunded to the buyers because of no receipt of goods, my friend is losing both goods and money. It’s really sad actually, and I know that she is not the only person to have to deal with this. buy extra super cialis online

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