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Although I have been busy with other things so much so that I do not have time to take care of my online business, I have plenty of time to think of what I want in my future. So far, I have been taking one day at a time; not able to do what I want but once this family responsibility is over, it’s time to take control of life once again.

I wish to return to school but have no idea yet what course to take up. A friend told me that I could try for a business

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school mba program with my over ten years experience in various businesses. It sounds interesting but I am not sure I want to spend the next year slogging and slaving at the books.

I think I would like to indulge in something more relaxed, a course that enables me to showcase the creative side of me. I still have some time to think this over but I may settle for business school after all. I have to admit that it is more practical and inline with what I have been doing all these while.

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