eBay Temporarily Removes Rating For Dispatch Times

My post, Postal Strike Disrupts Online Trading

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, was dated September 27, 2009, but it looks like until today, this postal strike by the Royal Mail is still on-going, even as retailers, especially online retailers, are gearing up to cash in on pre-Christmas sales.

An article in the Telegraph UK mentions that eBay UK will temporarily remove the rating for shipping times in feedback from buyers due to this strike even as they work on getting alternative shipping services for the sellers.

Removing the option to rate sellers on dispatch time is a good move because it will affect the Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) of sellers, which will then determine the discounts on fees that they are eligible for but I think that it should be permanent since once a package is sent out, it is out of the control of sellers.

Although this strike is by the Royal Mail, even if you are outside of England, if you send a letter using airmail to England, you will still be using their services. This is certainly a very worrisome time for online traders who sell in the UK.extra super cialis uk

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