Increase In Pos Ekspres Rates

I was at the post office this morning and wanted to stock up on my supplies of Pos Ekspres envelopes. I usually buy the RM3 Pos Ekspres envelopes in bulk and since I was already there for shipping, I decided to top up on my supplies.

Unfortunately, the counter clerk told me that they are out of stock and the worse news is that once the new stocks arrive, they will also come with new prices too. According to the clerk, Pos Ekspres envelopes of all sizes will increase by RM0.50 each except for the Pos Ekspres box.

I don’t know the size of the Pos Ekspres box but here are the current prices of Pos Ekspres envelopes. If you are able to get your hands on old stocks then stock up on them. Otherwise, you will have to add RM0.50 to these prices.

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Pos Ekspres sizes & current prices
220mm X 110mm – RM2.50
250mm X 160mm – RM3.00
353mm X 250mm – RM4.00
250mm X 210mm X 25mm – RM6.00
340mm X 250mm X 25mm – RM7.00

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