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My friend, Trent, who runs a very successful eCommerce store, told me that he is planning to change his web host because of the way they handled a recent downtime. It was very unprofessional and his store was offline for way too many hours than he liked which not only caused him loss of income but also spoiled the image and reputation of his Store.

Trent has been seeking quotations from various web hosting companies but he hasn’t been happy with any of them. One company, supposedly a leading web hosting company in the country, took weeks to get back to him and the sales guy did not call back as he said he would and then had the nerve to lie that he tried to call many times but couldn’t get through. Trent gives him the benefit of the doubt but he said that even now, this company is giving him so much problems, he can’t imagine the kind of headache he would encounter once he is committed to hosting with them.

Trent should check out the list of top ten web hosting companies as compiled by Web Hosting Choice. It would be easier to seek

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more information from these companies knowing their strengths. Trent needs one that offers excellent technical support and customer service. He doesn’t need one that doesn’t know how to handle a server issue or one that does not give him the information he requested. generic cialis sublingual

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