Setting Up A Home Theater

My friend, Terrence, excitedly told me that he is finally indulging in a home theater. At first, he was in two minds as it would be an expensive hobby and he doesn’t spend so much time at home to even watch TV to justify splashing so much on the latest home theater system but then he said that even if he isn’t around to enjoy it, at least his mother, a homemaker, could.

Terrence told me that he wants a 47in TV but didn’t mention if it would be HDTV.

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Hi Def televisions are all the rage now and if he were to buy a good TV, he might as well buy the latest. Oh yes, since Terrence is an amateur videographer, he could easily connect his HD camcorder to his new HDTV! According to Terrence, he doesn’t know what his budget will be. If he could afford it, he would like to set up a digital music system in the entertainment room as well.

A lot of people have the misconception that only guys know how to appreciate a good home theater system but ladies do too. You can bet I will help Terrence make the fullest use of his system when it is ready!

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