Unable To Log In To Maybank2U

A couple of days ago, a friend told me that he was not able to log in to the internet banking website of RHB. He said that the website has implemented a new security feature that asks customers a “secret question” in a move to counter phishing websites. But the implementation ran into a hiccup which caused users the inability to log into their accounts.

I thought that this never happened to the website of Maybank2U and Public Bank before but how wrong could I be? I was not able to log into my Maybank2U account the whole of yesterday. Well, I don’t exactly know how long the site went down, I just know that each time I tried, I was not able to log in.

The failure of websites of banks to function is a cause for concern. We utilize the services of online banking because we trust the banks but when something like this happens, you realize how vulnerable the money in your bank account is.

Well, what I couldn’t do yesterday, I will try to do today. Thank God I wasn’t going to pay my credit card bill or I would have been charged interests when it’s no fault of mine.

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