Zhu Zhu Pet Craze

Every Christmas, kids will go crazy over one toy or another. I remember how parents fought over the last Tickle Me Elmo three years ago. This year, they are fighting over the last Zhu Zhu off the shelves in shopping malls across the United States.

What are Zhu Zhu pets? They are furry electronic hamsters and come in a family of four designs. Toy stores and shopping malls are selling them for $9.99 a piece, though I am not sure if this price includes Zhu Zhu accessories, or just the hamster alone, but to get Zhu Zhu pets at this price, you would need a huge dose of luck.

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But like all popular merchandise, what you cannot find in your local store, you can find them on eBay. Enterprising people who managed to get their hands on Zhu Zhu pets are selling them on eBay for as high as US$40. Would you willingly pay four times the retail price? Well, you would if you have a whining child at home!

Zhu Zhu pets are electronic hamsters, like I said and some people have asked me what “Zhu Zhu” means. If I am not wrong, it is Chinese for “rat rat” or “mouse mouse” or “mice mice”. brand cialis online pharmacy

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