Annual Vacation

My parents will be going on their annual vacation right after Christmas and will be back just before New Year’s Eve. I am so envious of their retired lifestyle. I hope to be able to be that relaxed and carefree, except that I am aiming to retire earlier than them so that i could enjoy life more, not when I am already in my 60s!

As they get older, planning their annual vacation is more of my responsibility, rather than theirs. And as they get older, I get more and more worried about them going on a vacation by themselves. I think I will be opting for all inclusive vacations for them beginning next year so that I don’t have to spend so much time planning.

Even so, I have to remember to renew their annual travel insurance

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as well as check the weather so that they will have appropriate clothes with them. Every time i pack for them, I wish that I was the one going on a vacation but, sigh, I just have too many commitments to see to and can’t get away for too many days. Too bad but my time will come, right?cheap cialis jelly online

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