Exotic Lingerie Brand Name

I have been contemplating starting my own line of lingerie for some time now but have continued to procrastinate. Perhaps I do not have enough motivation and only have my lazy self to blame. It’s always at the back of my mind, though. I think it’s high time I stop selling other people’s products and sell my own. I don’t know if it would make me more money but I know that it entails a lot more work but the level of satisfaction will be great. I relish that!

I have a few names in mind too but none of them sounds special, unique or exotic. You know, coming up with a name isn’t something that I could discuss with other people, in case they steal my idea. Sometimes, things like these happen and it would be our own fault.

Anyway, once I could spare more time on this, I would be seeking assistance from a

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Naming Company to help me polish my idea. I certainly couldn’t do it alone and I would need ideas on branding and marketing as well. Oh yes, I would need ideas for packaging as well. Discreet plain brown paper will no longer do when I carry my own line.

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