Fake Shopping Sites

We all know that most criminals have a higher than normal IQ. Did you know that even leading a life of cyber crime, they have to be one step ahead of internet trends and technology? This holiday season, even before the start of Black Friday where most shoppers opted to shop for deals and bargains online instead of queuing up out in the cold, black night waiting for shopping malls to open, these phishers have already set up a slew of fake popular shopping sites that look exactly like REAL shopping websites, you can read more here.

Those who are alert would notice these unsecured sites but those who are new to online shopping, or whose minds are still in slumber, would accidentally shop at these phishing sites and at the same time, compromising their personal information, PayPal log in ID and password or credit card and other financial details.

If you suspect that you have been scammed, it’s best to change the password of your accounts, like email and PayPal. Perhaps, if there is a need, you should also cancel your credit card and request for a replacement. Really, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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