Hijacked Email – Email Security Concern

A couple of months ago, I received an email from an associate who wanted me and everyone he sent the mass email to, to send him some money as he was stranded in London. He said that he lost his wallet and mobile phone and he needed this money to pay for his hotel and flight home.

I didn’t bother with the email because we are not close and he is a wealthy guy. I felt that if this was true and he was stranded, he surely would call for help from his family members, and not someone he hardly knows. Besides, he sent the email to a full list of people in his contact book, surely there is someone close to him who would be able to verify the authenticity of the email.

Not too long later, The Star ran an alert that there was someone who got his email hijacked and the modus operandi was the same. If you received an email from someone you know seeking financial assistance, verify this with the sender first by phone call, or contact his or her family members before sending money out. Rescuing a friend is noble but only if the situation is real.

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