In The Name Of Art

I always have harboured dreams of being an artist. You know, after looking at the many art pieces that do not make sense to me and certainly, to me, have no justification to carry such a huge price tag, I think to myself that I could do the same, if not better, or perhaps worse. It seems that the uglier a piece of art is, the higher price it could command.

Well, I came across this item that is being posted on eBay, apparently, it is a microwave melted Xbox 360 game console where the artist did sometime else to it as well. And get this. He is asking for US$31K for this piece of “art”.

Would you pay US$31K for this thing which looks like a giant penis? Obscene, isn’t it? And because it has been microwaved, video is included in the description, it probably smells bad too. Buek!

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Source: Destructiod
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