Like Father, Like Son

Wilson, my friend, told me that his son is starting to follow everything he does. He said he has to be very careful with his speech and actions so that the son wouldn’t pick up bad habits from him. The boy would want to dress up like him too. I laughed that since Wilson is perpetually in one kind of sports jersey or another when he’s not working, he would have to get small-sized jerseys for the boy too.

That’s not a problem, actually. There are many

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NFL Jerseys for children for sale. It doesn’t matter which NFL team the boy supports, he would surely be able to buy the appropriate NFL team jersey or full uniform set.

NFL uniform sets that are sold at include a helmet, jersey and pants and an iron-on number of choice. Each set is sold at US$39.99 only. Shoulder pads are optional and sold separately at just US$9.99.

A word of caution, though; these uniform sets do not provide proper protection for real contact sports. They are just replicas of actual uniforms. In any case, these uniform sets, which are packed nicely in boxes, make awesome Christmas or birthday kids for children, especially boys who like NFL and support a particular team or player.

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