Online Wishlist

While gift certificates remain the top gift to give this holiday season simply because it’s convenient and one could send a gift certificate even to an online friend, one phenomenon this holiday season is the online wishlist.

There are quite a handful of applications on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter or even eCommerce Stores like Amazon, PayPal and eBay marketplaces and even and independent wishlist website that are offering the ability for people to create wishlists so that they could easily let others know what gifts they like to receive this Christmas.

Some of these wishlist websites allow gift givers to send gifts, some allow these gift givers to send cash. Actually, I like this concept a lot because it allows us to request for items that we really want and at the same time lets us know what our friends and family really want.

Sending items that someone really wants, or even a cash contribution towards an item, there are no wastage. Gift certificates expire, cash does not. And there is no necessity to pretend that you like a gift so much even when you have received more than a couple of them already from various people!

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