Sugar Subsidy May Be Withdrawn

There have been talks lately that the government is considering withdrawing sugar subsidy after being called to by certain NGOs. I think this is yet another harebrained reasoning that strangling consumers economically by withdrawing subsidy hence driving the price of sugar up by at least RM1 per kilogramme is going to help consumers consume less sugar, hence help then not contract diabetes. Sometimes, you wonder how some people could rise up the ranks. Perhaps by coming up with such illogical ideas?

The thing with consuming too much sugar at the risk of one’s health should be addressed with education. With this knowledge, people would know not to consume too much sugar, and not only that, but also carbohydrates.

Prices are already very high now but earning power remains low, so is our expendable income. Most of my friends tell me that prices of everything increase all the time but not their pay. With the imposition of GST

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