Year End Bonuses

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December is here again and all my friends who are employed are busy comparing their bonuses. Some say that they are not getting anything, some will be getting just one month of bonus. Lucky ones are getting 1.5 months’ bonus.

I remember the good times a few years ago where a friend received THREE months’ bonus! Boy, were we envious of him! But with time so bad, I felt that they are lucky to even get one month of bonus.

Working for myself, much as I like it, I feel a little poorly that I do not have any bonus. Of course, I could declare as many months of bonus as I like but why should I when it is STILL my own money? It doesn’t make sense to declare a bonus just to make myself happy.

Well, I guess, I can’t have the cake and eat it. I already enjoy time flexibility. My time is my own and I can do whatever I like as long as the money rolls in to support the family. Other than this, I dictate how much time I spend on my work. Of course, the amount of time is in direct relation to the amount of money I earn. Unlike THEM! LOLextra super cialis cost

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