Awful Celcom Customer Service

Celcom is currently running a promotion where they are giving a “free” USB modem for every sign up to their broadband service. I was interested at first seeing that I could save RM200 because I wouldn’t have to buy one if I could get it for free.

I went to Celcom’s office in Ipoh to seek further information but later found out from a dealer who has set up a stall outside the office that this “free” USB modem is locked to Celcom and I would not be able to use the modem for another connection, for instance, Maxis or DiGi.

Anyway, i came home and shot an email to a friend to let him know what I found out and I told him that he could switch to this plan from his old Celcom broadband plan that he is paying RM120 monthly for and since he already has a USB modem, he could let me use his.

My friend said that if the USB modem is SIM locked, it would be useless to me too. Hmmm so I called up Celcom customer service at 1111 to find out if the USB modem is SIM locked too, which means that it would not run if another SIM card is inserted.

The guy who attended to my phone call told me to try it first. If it works, it works, If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Well, what sort of answer is this? Isn’t it obvious that if something doesn’t work, it doesn’t and if it works, it works? How would I be able to try it out if I do not even have access to a Celcom USB modem in the first place? I wouldn’t want to subscribe to the service that says they are giving me something for free but that it could only be used with their service.

Getting such a reply from the customer service guy, I didn’t push him further since it is obvious that he knows nothing about what he’s selling.

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5 thoughts on “Awful Celcom Customer Service

  1. Between experiences like this and at my last three jobs I am definitely convinced that the quality of customer service can make or break any company…it matters ten fold more than pricing, that’s for sure!

  2. I am one of the ex-workers at celcom careline. Let me give you a little secret about Celcom Careline. Most of the workers that answer your calls are fresh of the so call “training” of only 1 week before we are thrown into answering phone call. That is right just one week of learning product, how to answer calls and using the system. Unlike our siblings at TM, they are trained more then a month or two on product, taking mock calls and the system that they are using. On my first week alone I have to answer calls from irrate customer due to not being well prepared. You are better of with another telco company, or just stick with land line they are more professional.

  3. Malanynya saya terpaksa berkomunikasi banyak kali dari dulu sampai sekarang dengan customer service celcom. permulaannya bila change plan dan sampai lah sekarang bila celcom suka2 hati block line walaupun bayaran dah dibuat.
    Mungkin celcom rasa tak berbaloi nak invest in better quality customer service pasal at the end of the day, revenue masyuk despite poor after sales service.
    Tetapi, kadang2 tahap kurang ajar celcom representatives ni sampai tak boleh blah. Melayu ka, india ka.. semua sama.
    saya rasa dalam 10 panggilan, hanya 2-3 kali sahaja yang service dia bagus. Yang lain macam haram.
    Terbaru sehingga menyebabkan saya tulis komen ni ialah customer service bernama Amira Devi or something like that. (punya la teruk cara dia cakap sampai sebut nama pun tak clear- well, could be intentional though)
    Am listing down her mistakes below;
    1- friendliness- zero
    2- confuse nak cakap english atau bahasa melayu. kita cakap english dia jawab melayu. bila kita cakap melayu dia jawab english. bahasa apa la yang minah ni nak ckp sebenarnya? urdu?
    3- suka potong cakap orang. mintak ic number dan jumlah bayaran, pastu bila kita tengah sebut numbor ic dulu, dia potong macam saya yang tak paham bahasa “encik,encik saya nak jumlah bayarannya” (wey, bukan ko kata nak no ic dulu ka? sabar je la)
    4- takmau dengar customer cakap. nama orang lina hafiz, suka2 hati ja tukar jadi nina hafiza. tah hapa la yang dia key in dalam system- wallahualam. tu la orang tengah cakap, dengar la dulu.
    5- ada ka patut dia panggil saya encik? suara saya yang cukup feminin pun boleh confuse? dah tu ada ka orang lelaki nama lina?? insensitive sungguh! kita dah betulkan pun dia wat dunno ja- continue sebut “encik”. kedegilan yang menakjubkan!
    6- she kept on breathing into the phone. geli ok dgr pish posh pish posh bunyi nafas dia!

    All the above in less than 5 minutes of conversation! kalau dibuatnya issue yang lagi panjang lebar- tak cukup blog ni dibuatnya!

    I think it’s really their culture. psal dulu i kena deal byk dengan corporate account manager celcom for UEM. mmg diva mereka2 ni. lambat masuk meeting, dalam meeting main blackberry and sembang2 sesama sendiri (padahal meeting ni tujuan among others is to promote their plan to integrate with our communication system AND to complaint about current service) bila kita tanya dia soalan baru terkezut and suruh orang repeat balik the question which requires us to re-explain the entire situation- cukup tak professional. needless to say, bengang punya psal, the meeting was cut short.
    And don’t get me started on their attending to customer calls habit. Again, dalam 10 kali try, 2-3 kali ja yang diorang ni answer. Email jauh sekali la. (makes us wonder what those blackberries they were carrying around are for kan?)
    I mean, they may be really nice people personally- i know they are. but due to their bad working culture – their professionalism leave A LOT to be desired.
    i could go on – but unlike celcom staff, i have better things to do

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