Commission-Based Pay

A friend, Corinne, told me that after being jobless for ten months, she has finally found a job. However, she would have a commission-based pay, something that she is not happy about but have no choice but to accept. After ten months of being unemployed, it could only get harder in securing a job that she likes.

Corrine now sells

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fitness equipment where she will receive an attractive commission for every unit sold by her. Her commission is calculated at the end of the month. As you can see, it is a very competitive environment where she has to work really hard to bring in sales for the company.

Commission-based pay is not something new, especially for sales staff. The basic pay is not too bad but it is not enough to survive on solely either. I have a friend who has a very competitive nature and he really thrives in such an environment. His company doesn’t cap his sales volume so there is no limit to how much he could earn!

Personally, I also like such jobs and I think I will be highly motivated in my work. However, I can be quite lazy sometimes and take some time off work completely! I guess that is why I chose to be self-employed. My time in my own! LOLcialis super active usa

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