Cross Potatoes Hot On eBay

As an observer of novelty items that could be found on eBay, besides being a Seller on eBay, I find that some people have great imagination and they are able to capture the attention of bidders and observers like myself with the strange things that they put up on eBay.

Imagine how difficult it is to stand out among the millions of items listed on eBay every day though it doesn’t need to be something expensive but an item with a “bizarre story” behind it usually has this effect.

I read on Tampabay this morning there’s this guy who said that his wife discovered a “cross” when she cut the grilled potato across. Indeed it does look like a cross, well, it’s now TWO crosses, and does not look like they were carved out after the potato has been grilled or a result of Photoshop.

This seller put this up on auction with a starting bid of $2; $1 per side, teehee. I wonder if there would be a buyer. Wouldn’t the grilled potato rot?

Source: Tampabay

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