Double Benefits Credit Card

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I was told by a friend who holds a Public Bank credit card that she received both reward points and cash back. This is different from a lot of credit cards that we know of that only pays reward points or cash back only. I am not certain about HSBC credit cards, though. I haven’t the opportunity to ask another friend yet.

I don’t have a Public Bank credit card but I do have a Public Bank debit card. Unfortunately, I am only getting cash back on my spending and not reward points. My Maybank credit card only offers me reward points which is a good way to use on the annual credit card tax of RM50 that is imposed from this year onwards.

I would like to apply for a Public Bank credit card but the problem is I don’t want to cancel my Maybank credit card that I have used for years. Unfortunately, it would be too hefty a service charge to pay RM50 annually for each card since I don’t think I could accumulate 10,000 points fast enough for each card a year. SIGH!cost motilium

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