Getting Into Debt Is Too Easy

An aunt told me that her son, my cousin, is in so much debt after a failed business venture. I haven’t been in touch with him for a long time now but I know that he is a very ambitious guy who started various businesses since leaving school.

As far as I could tell, though, whether it’s fate or luck, he has not been successful in any of his ventures. Now, my aunt told me that he has left the country because he couldn’t pay his debts. I was told that even so, a

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Collection Agency is still sending him letters and visiting the house. I told her that they are just doing their job.

My aunt doesn’t understand why a third party is chasing for settlement when her son took out a loan from a finance company and has no dealings with this company. I explained to her that the finance company has outsourced the job to a collection agency. Collection agencies are very efficient in the job because they focus on collecting debt only so finance companies can concentrate on their core business.

My aunt asked if there is anything that I could do to help him. Well, actually, the only “help” he needs is money to settle his debt which I will not do. However, the most I could do is help him stand up on his feet again so that he could face his creditors once more.

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