Going Smart

A friend has just received a Blackberry Bold from his girlfriend as a birthday present. This friend was using a

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Samsung touch screen phone and he was happy with it. At first, he was urged to change to a Blackberry but he was reluctant because his Samsung was still new, only six months old.

With a Blackberry though, after the initial frustration of transferring his contacts over from the Samsung, he is very satisfied with the functions that the Blackberry has. I asked him what he is going to do with his Samsung and he said that he is going to use it as a secondary phone. Well, he has two SIM cards so it’s only logical.

Besides, he said that he is reluctant to let it do since it is still in a good condition and he has fond memories of it. A friend once told me that I should not have an attachment to material things but I guess it can’t be helped especially when they were bought with our hard earned money, right?cialis extra dosage purchase

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