Google Nexus One Scalping On eBay

Google unveiled Tuesday its sleek, HTC-designed smartphone whom they termed a “superphone” and the good news is that they are going to sell the phone with a contract and without. Of course, those opting for a contract will only have to pay a fraction of the price. On the other hand, a unit without a contract will be sold at a tentative price of US$529.99. This is an unlocked set and presumable could be used around the world.

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Enterprising people, though, are already looking for opportunities to make some money off a new, popular consumer product like Google Nexus One. Currently, it is only available in a limited number of countries, namely the United States (but of course), Great Britain, Hong Kong and Singapore.

This means that people who are not in these countries but are dying to get their hands on a unit will have to look the eBay way. Guess how much people are selling their unlocked Google Nexus One on Up to US$1000 each! That’s almost double the current retail price of an unlocked Google nexus One! Just do a search on the marketplace and be shocked! I wonder if there are people rich enough to waste such good money!buy cialis super active online

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