HSBC Online Transfer Error

I tried to transfer slightly more than a thousand Ringgit to a friend’s HSBC savings account from my own HSBC savings account a couple of evenings ago but I kept getting the error that says that I have exceeded my transfer limit for the day even though I was positive that I didn’t transfer anything at all that day.

I tried numerous times and failed so I made a call to a 1-300 number provided on the screen. It took more than 15 minutes before someone picked it up. Naturally, I was pissed since it is not a toll free number.

I told the lady my problem and said that I want the error rectified as soon as possible since I had to transfer the money that night itself. It was already 11pm by then and I was told that HSBC online banking would close at 11.30pm so there wasn’t much time left.

Anyway, the lady said that there was a problem with my online account and she needed to reset my account but I would have to wait for an hour for the rectification to take effect. I was pissed again. It would be midnight then so how would I be able to make a transfer?

I also told her that I had waited too long on the phone and if they want us to wait like that, give us a toll free number so that we don’t have to pay for our call since we are already paying for our time. Do you know that my calls to HSBC USA are toll free calls, even though they are international calls?

Anyway, once my account was rectified, I kept trying and trying to transfer and finally managed to get it done that night. I was not happy with the service at all.

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