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My friend, May, told me that she plans to expand her accessories business. She would like to set up a physical store and not only sell online. However, she said that she would like to capture the higher end market and needs a better, classier name for her brand, because some people have associated her current brand with “cheap” accessories. She said that she made a mistake by selling her items at low prices when she first started. LOL

I do agree that branding is very important because sometimes, it makes or breaks a company. I told her to be prepared to invest in a good brand name and first, she should engage the services of a

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Naming Company and they would also be able to help her in branding and marketing of her new name.

Actually, this friend has asked me to help her with coming up with a fresh and attractive name but even though I could probably think up a few names for her, I don’t think I should. I think that it will be better for her in the long run if she starts off her new brick and mortar business venture on the right footing.

I didn’t tell her though, that once I have the budget, I too would be seeking the services of a professional naming, branding and marketing company. LOL

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One thought on “Naming & Branding

  1. Lol. I’m curious, what does she sell? Now, tell her before she proceed with the branding and naming, let me buy something before it become expensive! He-he!

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