Prudential Enhanced Hospital Income Plan

I received a call from a guy yesterday morning trying to sell to me an insurance plan by Prudential called Enhanced Hospital income Plan. I actually already have a similar hospital income plan but I was willing to listen him out.

For this plan, I would have to pay a monthly subscription of RM33 for a maximum of 15 years. This monthly rate will not increase even as I get older and the good thing is that at the end of the term, I would get back 50% of the money that I have paid, which means I would be getting something like RM2970. This means that this plan is something like a savings plan as well.

Daily hospital income for this plan is RM200 and RM400 for admission to ICU. This is the same even for hospital stay overseas. Even though I have a similar plan with Ace synergy Insurance where I pay RM50.10 per month, it is difficult for me to determine which is better. Both have their advantages and shortcomings. I don’t know if I should opt for one over the other. Of course, it would be good if I could subscribe to both plans but that would be too expensive for just basic insurance. I might as well subscribe to a plan with insurance card for better benefits.

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55 thoughts on “Prudential Enhanced Hospital Income Plan

  1. payments make me edgy too. I hate to have to depend on a vehicle with issues but I definitely hear ya girl on not wanting to spend money ( or your sister’s!) proverbial rock’nhard spot I guess…

  2. I checked out the information sheet. Both falls in the same age category. Yours is actually plan 1 and mine is plan 2. No doubt it’s a good plan. But the guy who called me, he was so pushy! He wanted me to register straight away without discussing it with anyone.

  3. Oh, I didn’t even have an info sheet to refer to.

    Anyway, I experienced the same thing as you did but insisted on thinking over it first. the guy said he will call me again a few days later but did not do so.

  4. He didn’t want to give me at first. He said that I wouldn’t understand it because it’s in a table form and it’s not in detail. lol! Lucky you. He’s supposed to call me back today…I hope he doesn’t. =)

  5. Im a consultant executive(TSR) working with Prudential’s Outsource company..I offer this plan to many peeps all round Malaysia..I strongly believe in this product that i offer..
    man im tellin ya’ll..this is the shit ya’ll!!
    a.k.a. da bomb..
    its a basic plan,no doubt bout it..Exclusive coverage for all types of illness , accidents , plus saving(3 in 1)
    any1 of ya’ll gettin this kinda call inda future..
    just urselves the right thing..
    Enroll!! before its too late!
    i aint sayin nor prayin ya’ll
    gettin into crashes or shit like dat , im jz advisin ya’ll for free..
    before any freakin things occur..seriously
    its my joint/spliff…
    this basic cheap plan provides u ease to ur minds, rather than pain in the arse..
    plus its cheap dude!!
    Russell Peters said = do the rite thing!!

  6. Hi cyberpartygal,

    I strongly recommend you to get an insurance plan which include “Medical Card”. Hospitalization bills nowadays are too expensive and we can soften the hit by having medical card which will cover/paying all our medical expenses. Saves a lot when the time come. 🙂

  7. hi, i also received same call as yours but the different things is the premium paid up is not same as yours. the guy told me the premium is different when the age is differet. Age 20 – 35 is chrg RM44.50 per month. Age 35 onwards is higher cost RM50plus. And hospital income that we can get is RM300 per day is you had admitted for more than 6 hours, it’s claimable. if you are at ICU , then you can get double paid which is RM600 per day. I think it’s not correct one oh………….

  8. Hi Wendy,

    After receiving this call, the guy didn’t get back to me so I do not have further information on it. The problem is that I couldn’t find this plan on the web to read up on it either.

    Anyway, if you already have basic insurance, it would be better to buy insurance that has medical card so that you don’t have to fork out your money first.

  9. Hi Wendy,

    I got a similar call earlier today. Asked the guy to send me printed material to study but he said he doesn’t have any coz this is a ‘very new’ plan and not known to many agents. But guess what? I asked Mr Google and:
    1. I found your entry
    2. there is a form for Prudential’s Enhanced Hospital Income Plan – downloadable via MBF Cards’ website

    Huh… talk about honesty… changed my perception 180 degrees! 😛

  10. Hi Emily,

    Not too sure. However tables of Benefits and Premiums are pretty much inline (as far as I can recall) to what was relayed via phone – didn’t pay much attention at that time 😀
    The caller did not offer different plans though – there are 4 different plans for different age range based on the online form.


  11. I got a call today from a guy selling me the same product, but mine one is RM73, wow..he is kinda pushy, i told him why not send me some reading material, tho i think the plan is quite good, he told me, prudential doesnt give out any brochure, and they are the “talking brochure” i was rushing for lunch appointment, and he called me back again after 2 hours, he keep on asking me to sign up on the spot and telling me i am the selected one to have enjoy this plan and this plan is “first come first serve basis”, but i said i really wanted to have a thought about it, then jz now when i search about the info google, then i saw the plan showed in MBF, goodness..i really think the plan is quite good, only the pushy way to ask me to sign is really not the right way..

  12. The problem is that we cannot tell if the plan offered by MBF is the exact plan that Prudential is offering now. That was quite a few years ago already!

  13. i got a call too. Very similar to what you guys have dexcribed here.
    So anyone verified if this is a genuine deal?
    he mentioned 4 key benefits but I dont see it listed in the factsheet i found online.
    I am keen to sign up indeed, but can someone help clarify?

  14. im one of the `guy` that keep calling the person who are listed under the enhanced hospital income plan…
    listen guys,
    under this plan have 4 different benefit table
    saperated into 2 group
    50% n 75% REFUND
    premium is according to age 4 the enrollment but fix price according age when u sign up
    if u have receive any call about this plan plez ask the TSR what ever u wanna know about it..
    the good thing about this plan is u can claim on top with your existing plan n some more what ever u have been paid throught out the 15 years terms u will have ur refund…
    if u think this plan is good 4 u,then u can take it…
    p/s-person who are calling u have a lot more persom to call..if u loose it u are gonna regrets it…dont feel sorry if u loose the opputernity…

  15. These are good plans, but do not buy it just for the sake of buying. buying health insurance products will actually impact your financial needs in the future. The people you should look for are financial planners/ Insurance Agents to provide you advise. Its important to know if you really need it.

  16. And buying insurance Via Telemarketing is convenient but when it comes to claims, you do not have anyone specific to handle the claims for you. you probably have to req for the claim forms, or print/download from the webpage. If u buy thru an agent, He/She can service you

  17. All 100% telemarketing insurance products exist…
    If you get a response ie there’s no brochure to be send out, 100% telemarketing – this is true for the contact center that are calling you. You just need to ensure you will receive policy document after signing up. For this you may required to provide an accurate address.
    If they are being pushy or also called persistence, just think, we are also like them at workplace – ‘to get our job done on time’.
    Tips: Some insurance plan cannot be upgrade or downgrade after enrollment, thus it is advisable to ask how many types of plan are there and premium varies according to the plan type. From there choose the premium that you think you can afford throughout the coverage years.
    Good thing when you choose the most affordable premium is that you still have budget allocation for another insurance plan 🙂

  18. Im really interested with this plan.
    3 in 1 package is very good and make me feel to enroll for my family members.

  19. I am one of the TSR that calling the customers all over Malaysia. And please, do not feel afraid or insecure about this plan. As you all know, this plan is actually suitable and affordable for most of us. We are calling from a call center, so that is true, we have no brochure or email to be sent. But, we are the consultants, so, if you all have any question. Please. Do ask us. We will answer every question for you. And what is written above there is true, this is a limited offer. If customers miss the chance now, we will no longer call back the customers unless the customers show interest in it.

    For the coverage, i personally think it is good enough for normal people like us. it can works well with our medical card as medical card only can claim medical bill to hospital, while this plan provides income to the customer themselves.

  20. Hi! I received a call today too.
    That guy said the plan is offer to selected person only. Is it true?
    He speak fast and loud.

    He offer me the plan 3 with monthly premium of RM 54.
    Also no brochere.

    Found the form from website too.

    Quit interesting. Just worry about the claim process later on. How to do claim, Who should liaise, When the claim will be obtained, Where to go if there’s any enquiry ect…

    Might sign up if he call again later.

    Hope there’s no regret!

  21. hi, i just registered it 10 minutes ago. quite interesting…. only RM45 a month. i’ve been delaying from listening his plan since last week. also get the plan name just to confirm it. then today. thats it. i agreed. plus RM10 for PA which cover RM100K for death… two plan for RM55/month. at last… i have a plan…. hahaha

  22. hi,i already registered in this plan wit monthly only rm45 and already make claim for 10days admitted and i get rm3000 from prudential…thz so much!!…juz bcoz of DENGGI on november 2010..very simple n easy to claim…juz call customer service and wait for the claim form…then,submit wit proper document…within 10days,i receive the cheque under my name…if u’ll receive the caqll from telemarketing about this plan juz grab it…dont lose this opportunities guys…this plan will help u’ll one day…believe me…i already have it…thz..

  23. just got a call this morning …. plan to take it for me and my wife .. only rm110 for 2 person .. i think its really benefit to us

  24. I also found out about similar programs Prudential Enhanced Hospital Income Plan.

    I think this program is very nice. because I was one of the victims who are unable to make a claim on my policy as transportation now what I have is a critical problem.
    I have had ependix and who can cover me at that moment is the only medical card and medical card also has a certain limit.
    so I think this program really will help me in the future.

    at a low price and wide coverage but would get back the money allocated so it really GOOD!

  25. To be honest i am thinking that this product is a scam. Be careful not to give away private information on the phone. They are also pushy in asking you to buy it. Google up their phone numbers and you will find amazing facts about them 😉

  26. just got a call .. she said this is a new year promotion for 2012.. i tot its a new plan for 2012… lucky i google it and found this blog!! 😛
    she so nice… and dont push me to buy it… i telling her just give me a time to think.. and call me back.. then she agree.. But what i cant accept is she telling me if im not sign up now the price will be increase to rm100 over … if i reg through the phone i can get the rm45 plan… the rm100 if i go to the prudential office…. so far what i read here .. all give the good respone about this product.. i think i wanna sign up for my first insurance…. just wait for that girl to call me back again

  27. my fren is one of the TSR.u guys do not know that the stress be a TSR,just scolding by customer,and some of the customer say”pls call be later”or i need to think first,pls call me this time XXX..but one they call back to customer,customer do not answer.ols lah,if u think really do not need it,just answer a call and tell ppl,do not let ppl keep on follow up you call.because you are wasting ppl u all know how many call they should do and how many times thay have been scold.ppl call us to let us know the benefit is for our own good and is their responsibility.

  28. i just received a call from one of them and mentioned from the Prudential Assurance. The plan is good but what worrying me..after giving my details, she said the payment mode would be via credit card and requested me to provide her with my credit card details i,e digits appear on the card and the expiry date.

    Was it a scamm call? When i call the number that appear from my phone it was not the prudential number but ‘Inti Education Group’?? OMGGG!!

  29. Chill Zita,its probably an outsourced call centre for Prudential. U can always contact Prudential Headquarters to double confirm. About credit card details,they only require the front 16 digit right?not the PIN. Ur 16 digits appear on almost any receipt printed out after transaction. So cashiers at checkout counters can access these numbers also..i dont think its a scam,legit.just dont reveal ur PIN. And always perform a background check eg. Ask for emp. ID no. Ive got this plan too,got it for my wife n my in law. So far so good.

  30. got a call for this plan too, rm45 one. sounds interesting indeed, but was told that the previous day was actually the last day for this promo since it was for CNY, and the day he was calling was the final day to register for the promo at special price, after that it would cost > rm100 .. so sounds like i got ‘special’ treatment lah

    heard this sales pitch before, so requested for documentation i can go over.. first caller was hesitant, saying there isn’t any, but after insisting that was my term, he asked me to google (huh?) the plan name. so i asked him, the search result i’ll be looking for would be on the official prudential website and he said yes. but the only results i got were this site and some homemade prudential wordpress blog.

    caller insisted i answer 5 simple health screening questions to make myself eligible for the promo, to which i declined, because what is the point of divulging personal health info to a stranger if i have not even agreed to anything yet?

    plan sounds good, but i’d rather do business in person than over the phone, that way i know who to look for if something goes wrong 😛

    and in my experience, if they say today is the ultimate last day of whatever blockbuster promo crap they’re having, it’s just a pressure tactic. if you express interest they will call back, long after the ‘last day’.

  31. Hi.. got a call from the telemarketer. his name. called from 03-76267000 Dont think it is a scam. I called the Prudential call centre to verify the callers name. He would call me back in an hour. Thinking of getting it. I d probably take the rm 40 plan. Personal and Accident I already have.

  32. hi….i received a same called frm the same number
    above this evening.but the plan offer me only RM33/month…

  33. received call today too.

    the consultant give all the information clearly,
    i’m satisfied.

    buying the highest plan from her, rm73 for my age 31, i entitle to get 75% refund
    she explained clearly, the plan cover all accidents and illness, is almost a 500K + unlimited claimed for accident medical reimbursement coverage plan.

    is really worth.

    and ofcoz, when she telling me the plan, i also try to google EHIP, and i read this blog…
    hahaha, thanks blogger~

    the consultant also read me a PROVISO before she end the call.
    i think is smtg like terms and conditions which customers should know,
    and i surprise that this EHIP providing a 15 days free looking period after the delivery of the policy, means if i change my mind within the 15 days, i can cancel it without paying any penny.

    wow, is great~

  34. The plan is solid good,but how about when the time have come to claims? is it as easy as they say? anyone with experience?

  35. i am one of the guy who calling everybody around the malaysia.. guys out thr.. we r working inside the call center is like hell…

    but we doing good thing for people out there..n dont treat us like dogs…
    we are not selling vacation plan or movie tickets…
    insurance dude !!!!

    cheapest price still dont want.. ouch !!!

  36. Why is this PEHIP so secret n exclusive ? Who is the underwritter n where is the write up and sample of policy. I will not engage any SMALL commitment if ONLY RM50 amonth.
    A proposal n plan must hv a exact table of calculation on the sum insured, sum paid, claimable units, maturity amount.
    A call from a sales person at Prudential that hv personal details is not very welcoming .

  37. Why there is a blog on this item? So when we need a claim we can just call up call center? No need varification ? Thoese that has claimed please stand forward to justify the truthfulness if this product.

  38. Since we don’t have our own agent to do the claim;
    I want to know what should we do to make the claim? What? When? Where? How?

    Can someone enlightened me on this, please?

  39. hi just receive the same call sound interesting and decided to accept the offer…but the person called ask for my maybank card no and expired date…does this info can get me in trouble? or can the information given can get to my personal info or financial info or something?

    but here the information sheet i found from the web:

  40. Hi all, for muslim friends just to inform this plan is not shariah compliance. I just comfirmed this with PRUDENTIAL and already cancelled =)

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