Prudential Enhanced Hospital Income Plan

I received a call from a guy yesterday morning trying to sell to me an insurance plan by Prudential called Enhanced Hospital income Plan. I actually already have a similar hospital income plan but I was willing to listen him out.

For this plan, I would have to pay a monthly subscription of RM33 for a maximum of 15 years. This monthly rate will not increase even as I get older and the good thing is that at the end of the term, I would get back 50% of the money that I have paid, which means I would be getting something like RM2970. This means that this plan is something like a savings plan as well.

Daily hospital income for this plan is RM200 and RM400 for admission to ICU. This is the same even for hospital stay overseas. Even though I have a similar plan with Ace synergy Insurance where I pay RM50.10 per month, it is difficult for me to determine which is better. Both have their advantages and shortcomings. I don’t know if I should opt for one over the other. Of course, it would be good if I could subscribe to both plans but that would be too expensive for just basic insurance. I might as well subscribe to a plan with insurance card for better benefits.

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55 thoughts on “Prudential Enhanced Hospital Income Plan

  1. Telemarketing call is not a scam. An individuals can do nothing with your debit card number even if they have your c.v.v number(3 digits number at he back of your card), they still need the card physically and pin numbers to take your money, debit card has a very limited access, sometime if you go shopping and pay using your debit card, the cashier still need you to enter your pin number. So, we need your 16 digits debit card number is to make a deduction, and also expired date to make sure that the card is still active. After the information that customer give is accurate with bank’s record, then only the deduction will be made by the bank. Please remember we are not giving you a vacation voucher, gores dan menang, lucky draw, we promote insurance. If you wonder where did we get your number, of course the bank provide the database. But we are not allowed to give this information to customer on the order of BNM. But don’t worry, we only have your name and phone numbers. That’s why we always said we got your number from your friends or relative that already sign up in this plan.

  2. Dear All,
    if you want to know more detail about this plan ,
    pls feel free to contact me for assist.

    I have the plan detail

    My contact no: 0129831118

    Hope to hear some news from you

  3. i already registered with this plan wit monthly only rm45. it’s good plan… 3 in 1… don’t lose this opportunity guys…this plan will help u’ll one day…better have than not… think for your future.. we will not know what will happen tomorrow… so just prepare…

  4. i’ve just subscribed the plan.. yeah..seems good to be true, but what I bear in mind, the cost is RM45 is low due to non-existence of agent in the middle. But of course low cost require more do the claims and so on. I always rejected previous insurance offer, but I accepted this offer. I hope this will be good for me.

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