Repair Or Replace?

My sister told me that even though she is not comfortable with more financial commitments, she still needs to seriously consider looking for a new ride. She said that her current car is starting to give her problems and she said that she cannot afford the down time that a broken car would give her since public transport is not available where she lives.

Right now, my sister is considering a new car but doesn’t know what car to buy. She prefers a smallish car that she could drive to work and run errands in but her husband told her that buying a

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dodge would be more practical for the family, though the reason he suggested Dodge is not because it’s more practical but it’s because it is one of his favorite cars. LOL

My sister’s main concern now is that buying a new car or a used car would not break her budget. You know, in this economic situation, everyone needs to be really careful where their money goes. Repairing the current car could no doubt cost a lot of money but to commit to a new car, or even a used car, would be a five-year commitment, at least.

Well, this isn’t something that I could help her decide since she is the only person who knows her own financial situation best.

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