Selling His Soul For Haiti

While the world is coming up with ways to raise funds to aid the earthquake victims of Haiti, Lyall Brandon-Smith came up with an idea to auction off his soul on eBay. Now, if you are familiar with eBay, you will know that eBay disallows selling of intangible things and a soul is something that cannot be sold.

True enough, Lyall received a note from eBay to tell him that his listing has been removed and to work about that policy, Lyall now is selling a contract that says that the winning bidder owns his soul. Below is a picture of his version of how his soul looks like. LOL

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With alomost six days left to go for the auction, it has already garnered 22 bids at £31.00. How much do you think people are willing to pay for a piece of paper? It’s for charity, though, since 80% of the proceeds will go towards the Haiti Appeal Fund while 19.9% goes towards MS Research. The balance of 0.1% goes into his pocket.

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