Valentine’s Gifts For Her

As a retailer, albeit a small one and online only, I get many desperate last minute text messages from friends and male buyers asking me for ideas to buy gifts for her

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. Buying gifts for women could be extremely sensitive because if the guy doesn’t get her the specific item that she wants, she will say that he doesn’t care about her.

The problem is that whenever I receive such text messages, although I would like to lend a hand by suggesting appropriate gifts, I couldn’t do it because I don’t know the recipients. Normally, I would tell the guys to think of what their partners like to do usually or perhaps a hint was dropped in a previous conversation.

And if they still have no inkling what to get, I tell them to fall back on age old favorites like flowers, perfume, jewelry or even gift vouchers. These are the gifts that I wouldn’t mind receiving over and over again!buy motilium 10

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