Waiting For MATTA Travel Fair 2010

It’s just the start of the New Year and I am already waiting for Matta Travel Fair. Actually, I had wanted to take a vacation at the end of last year but it was not meant to be due to unforeseen family commitments. My long-awaited break has to be postponed, unfortunately!

Actually, I have no exact plans yet where I would like to go for my vacation. I hope to visit Matta Travel Fair and see what travel packages are worth buying. I could end up booking one of those Outer Banks rentals or perhaps I will end up going on a local weekend trip. Whatever I ultimately choose, since I do not yet have a fixed budget, I know that I WILL enjoy myself! Yes, I need a break, any break, this badly.

At the moment, I have yet to decide if I would take my parents along. I prefer to travel alone but if they want to come along too, I wouldn’t mind. The more the merrier!

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