Business Consolidation

My friend, Terrence, just told me that it is time to think hard on closing down his two branch offices and consolidate his business to operate from just the main office. He told me that it seems like a dream to have expanded his company so swiftly within just a couple of years of setting it up but by making this move, it will be back to square one for him, unfortunately.

I have to be frank to say that I thought that Terrence expanded too fast. To me, it was like without a solid foundation but he was very optimistic about his business, he still is but it seems that consolidating his business is the best move he could take right now.

Terrence said that he will start looking for a Moving Company

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right after the holidays to take care of the physical relocation process. Actually, there’s not much time left to waste if he doesn’t want to renew his tenancy agreement next month and there are so much things to take care of!

Although Terrence feels downhearted about this at least he is being kept busy until the moving process is settled by next month. Well, he’ll have to take this downturn as a business challenge, wouldn’t he?

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