Double Eyelids

Call me vain but I always feel that I am not beautiful enough because of my single eyelids. I know this is a common feature for Chinese people but this doesn’t stop me from wishing that I could have double eyelids. It may look weird at first, right after the surgery, but I am convinced that double eyelids will enhance my looks.

Many years ago, my cousin sister underwent Eyelid Plastic Surgery

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even though she already had very large eyes and double eyelids. I felt that it was unnecessary for her to undergo the surgery and in fact, she looked a little doll-like after that.

However, for people like me who were born this way, I don’t see anything wrong with getting s procedure done to enhance our looks. When my cousin underwent her eyelid surgery, she suffered from infection on both her eyes for two weeks but I believe that with the advancement of technology, this would be very rare indeed.

Anyway, according to the website of Miami Plastic Surgery, they are very much sought after by people from around the world because they have the facilities to accommodate them, making their services more accessible to all.

You know, it is so easy to get a plastic surgery procedure done for double eyelids, I am all the more tempted to get it done!

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