eBay: 50% Off Auction Style Listing For 2 Days

eBay is running a promotion that will last for two days on 24th and 25th February, 2010 only where listing auctions will only cost half price. This promotion will be valid on the eBay US and Canada sites as well as eBay Motors for parts and accessories only. Also, this promotional rate will only come into effect after a seller has exhausted the five free monthly listing.

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While running promotions like these off and on is a good thing, especially for someone who is waiting for the right opportunity to enter the market, I am not so sure if it’s of interest for a long time seller to move their existing inventory around unless it’s something new. I personally have never taken advantage of such listing fee promotions before basically because they never come at the right time!

For more information, go to this eBay page.
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