Garden By eBay

eBay just launched a sub-website called

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Garden which is like a test site for eBay features that they plan to implement on the real marketplace. However, by putting the impending changes in this “garden”, they are allowing eBay users (at least those who care about the auction site still), a chance to try out the features and to provide valuable user feedback to the developers of eBay.

Right now, in the “Seed” category, there is Streamlined Search to be tested out. This feature is supposed to make searching for items on eBay a lot easier than what we currently have. How well it will work, we wouldn’t know yet but you can take a tour and try it out yourself if you like.

An item in the “Plants” category is Diamond Ring Designer. I am sure many of us have already read about this feature which allows people to design and/or customize their own diamond ring. I thought it this has been implemented already but since it is still growing in the Garden, I guess not. It sure is an interesting feature, though.

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