Handheld Race Scanners

My male friends are surprised to learn l am interested in CB and shortwave radios and scanners. In fact, we own a handheld and a desktop scanner. Sad to say, I have been too busy with work that I have left my scanners idle for the past few years.

Lately, my interest is piqued again when a friend told me that he has bought a spanking new Race Scanner. I am so excited and can’t wait to try it out. Race scanners are usually handheld and used at the racetrack or speedway to listen in on drivers, official, pit crew, etc. It would be very interesting to hear what goes on behind the scene.

I love NASCAR and would like to see if this race scanner would work on the speedway but the problem is that my friend is very protective of his new scanner and wouldn’t let me us it unless we both go together and that would mean that I have to buy his ticket as well! Bah!

No matter what, I am going to try it out and if I like it, I will be buying a race scanner too since the scanners that I have currently do not have this function but luckily, quality race scanners are very affordable.

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