Helping A Competitor

One of my buyers has informed me that she is in the same business as I am now. Yes, she is also selling lingerie online. Well, what can I say but to wish her all the best? I believe the pie is large enough to be shared with yet another person. She asked me for assistance and I don’t really mind since I have put my own online lingerie business on sabbatical as I take care of other more important things.

Aileen said that she will be hiring a Naming Company to help her name her business after wasting two weeks trying to come up with something and couldn’t find anything that sounds remotely catchy. I told her that it is a wise move to get the professionals in. She might as well use the two weeks to take care of another side of the business. That would be more productive wouldn’t it?

I also suggested to Aileen that if she has the budget and really serious about taking the business a step further, she should hire a branding and marketing company to bring her label out to consumers. Of course, this would need a budget of considerable size but from what I understood Aileen has a financial backer, unlike me.

Anyway, all these business brainstorming have made me yearn to get back to my own business as well but I can’t seem to find the time to indulge in it yet, unfortunately!

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One thought on “Helping A Competitor

  1. While I agree on the branding, etc…hiring someone to name it? If you can’t at least come up with a good name for your company, why even start one…

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