Increase In Online and Mobile Fraud

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Javelin Strategy & Research reported that there was a significant increase in online and mobile fraud in 2009 compared to a year ago.

According to a survey done by the company, the number of fake accounts opened on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon using stolen personal information more than doubled in 2009 compared to 2008. In the same vein, there was an increase by 12% in the number of fake accounts opened with online financial services like PayPal. Mobile fraud, which the survey included for the first time since 2003, shows it accounted for nearly a third of fraudulent accounts opened in 2009.

I have always thought that cyber criminals are very tech savvy and up-to-date with the vulnerabilities of the web. At the same time, they prey on the minds of unsuspecting victims by scaring them and catching them unaware.

Even for me, I can’t deny that there have been more than a few times when I wondered if the phishing email that I received were legitimate, especially those from eBay. Yes, they are that difficult to tell!cialis jelly no prescription

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One thought on “Increase In Online and Mobile Fraud

  1. Yes, i agree. It is so hard to trust stuffs when it comes to online business. Frauds and scams are everywhere and it’s really difficult to tell whether that is genuine/legitimate or not. I hope there will be a person who would share to us how to differentiate fraud/scams to legitimate one. :_

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