Interest In Alexander McQueen Creations Shoots Up

While the fashion world is still reeling from the shock death of British designer, Alexander McQueen apparently from suicide that was triggered from his inability to come to grips with the death of his mother, Joyce a few days ago, interest for Alexander McQueen creations has shot up in high end retail stores and online.

Alexander McQueen & his mother, Joyce
Photo credit: Dan Chung

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Of course, when a designer of this caliber dies and as we come to terms that these creations will be all that we have of the Alexander McQueen legacy, prices are going to jump up manifold. It doesn’t help that sources in the fashion Industry are saying that no one would be able to helm the Alexander McQueen label but I think it is still a wee bit early to tell.

Anyway, fashion enthusiasts will do themselves a favor if they could get their hands on a piece or two of Alexander McQueen, not to wear but to collect, mind you. You can only expect the value of these creations to increase like fine art.cialis jelly buy online

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