Most Phished Brands For January 2010

Avira, an antivirus software solutions company, has released its recent findings on the most phished brands in January, 2010. According to them, the leading brand was PayPal at 61.89%, followed by HSBC Bank at 8.59% and Bank of America at 6.09% eBay is at number 6 with 5.48%.

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Out of the 15 brands listed, excluding No. 4 which is made up of miscellaneous brands, most are financial, payment or funding websites, including Facebook, where many users have their credit card links to their social networking account.

Although most financial websites will not ask customers for their personal details over an email or even over the phone, it is still advisable to keep your email address linked to these websites private and use a separate, general email address for all other communications or public portals. I have personally found this very useful in helping me weed out a majority of phishing emails.

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One thought on “Most Phished Brands For January 2010

  1. I’m totally agree with this list.. of course i am a german user, but i receive a lot of paypal and bank of america spam, too! facebook is on third place (on my private list)!

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