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My friend, Paul, who is based in New York City as an architect-cum-contractor, asked me if I would be able to visit him this summer. We have planned this for a long time actually, but I had to postpone my trip numerous times because something or other came up that tied me down and I couldn’t leave.

Of course I would love to get a tour of New York City. Paul has been feeding me with the latest in the Big Apple and he said that he couldn’t wait to show me the many interesting things that only a local or a long time resident could show.

Paul is very adventurous when it comes to food but he said that he would wait for me so that we could explore the many new

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Restaurants in Manhattan together. Gosh… that’s like putting pressure on me to fly out. I definitely would feel pretty awful if I have to postpone this trip yet again.

I was telling a friend that although I love traveling, and thankfully flying is a lot cheaper these days, every time I am away, my income is affected. I really should look for ways to create residual income streams so that I wouldn’t feel the financial pinch if I were stay away from work for an extended period of time.

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