Penis Tree Found On eBay

And it has been taken down.

Owner of the tree, Adam Starr of Tempe, Arizona, found this tree that was carved into the shape of a penis in his backward as a joke from friends who decided to do it out of a pine tree instead of cutting the whole tree down like he had intended.

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This tree attracted a lot of attention from curious passers by and complaints to the city council by neighbours who didn’t find any humour in this. Adam Starr promised to chop his penis tree down earlier but was delayed because his home was broken into.

Now that he has chopped it down, he put it on eBay and also set up a dedicated Twitter and Facebook fan page to promote it. Starr intended to channel proceeds of the auction to charity. Well, too bad eBay had to remove it but then perhaps we’ll be seeing it again soon since the reason given was that “items that depict genitalia must be listed on the Adults Only section”.buy cialis super active online

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