Preloved Designer Clothes

A friend, Mel, told me that she has an idea to set up a stall at a morning flea market to sell off some of her preloved designer clothes. She said that she spent the past week trying them on and was dismayed to find that most of them no longer fit!

It’s a shame really, to know that she has spent a small fortune on her collection of clothes and in the end she has to look for a new home for them. Mel says that she is giving the normal clothes for charity and after mulling if she could still fit into these designer pieces, perhaps after a quick weight loss diet

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, decided that it would be better if they grace the wardrobe of other ladies.

Well, Mel has the money to buy more new designer clothes so it is OK for her to grow a little on the side. For me, I’d rather maintain my body shape than buy new clothes to accommodate my new shape!
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