Residential Storage Facility

Lately, I have been thinking of buying an apartment in the capital city. I have wanted to move away from home for a long time already but because of commitments, I haven’t been able to. But even now when I can, I still haven’t found the perfect place yet.

Meanwhile, I have been clearing out my room and discarding what I no longer need and donating my collection of books to the neighborhood children’s home but it looks like no matter how many boxes of items I cart away, there are still so many things that I would love keeping. These items don’t have real monetary value but they do bring me lots of sweet memories. I think I should look for a nearby Residential Storage

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facility where I could park my belongings until I am ready to move in to my new apartment.

I was telling a friend that I actually feel safer storing my personal belongings at a storage facility than keeping them in my room while I am away in the capital city scouting for the perfect apartment because I am afraid that my family would rummage through my things, especially my personal diaries and bank statements. My friend thought that I have a strange family. Maybe the weirdo is just myself. LOL

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